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PSP Themes for free download

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PSP themes and popular freeware wallpaper downloads

Star Wars cartoons funny PSP themes, we all like them! This Star Wars inspired PSP theme uses cartoon style Star Wars figures as PSP iconset to give your gameconsole one unique look!
PSP themes Jumbled CTF 660ME these PSP themes will rock your PSP, the Jumbled theme was designed for custom firmware 660ME this CFT theme will give your PSP a completely new fresh look!
How to install PTF PSP themes below image explains how you can install PSP themes on your PSP
Android ICS 660 this PSP Theme is based on the Android 4.0 ICS (Ice Cream Sandwitch) operating system for smartphones
MSI Motherboard a default format PTF PSP theme which converts your PSP into a MSI Mainboard
PSP ipad themes make your PSP look like an iPad with this iPad PSP theme which makes use of the typical ipad icons as PSP menu icons
Simplistic PSP theme a simplistic but briljant looking PSP theme for CTF 500 M33
Super Bowl PSP theme the Super Bowl is one of the most popular and most viewed american football and sports event ever, we are wondering why nobody ever created a PSP theme for the super bowl before
how to install CTF XMB PSP themes 1. Download the plugin 2. Extract the file and place into root of your MS0:/ 3. Put the theme file (any name you like :)) under MS0:/PSP/THEME/ 4. Enable cxmb.prx in Recovery (under VSH) 5. Go to Settings -> Theme Settings -> Theme to select your CTF themes 6. System will reboot to take effect 7. Also notice that you will at least need PSP FIRMWARE 3.90 OR HIGHER to be installed on your PSP in order to get these themes running…
PSP Lemmings theme a PSP theme about one of the first real great games on earth! PSP lemmings theme