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PSP Game themes : Armored Core For Answers

Armored Core For Answer is a video game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It is the 13th installment of From Software's Armored Core series. Armored Core For Answer is the sequel to Armored Core 4, and takes place over a decade later. Massive weapons called Arms Forts are the main adversaries in the game. Due to their large size (several miles long) they must be taken apart piece by piece, in particular, they each have a weakness which must be exploited to fully defeat them. AC customization has been enhanced with a better interface and approximately twice the number of parts found in Armored Core 4. Online mode returns with a new cooperative mode along side the player verses mode. Gameplay enhancements included a power increase for both Quick Boost and Over Boost, as well as an auxiliary high speed booster known as Vanguard Over Boost (VOB). All this is now available as a PSP theme

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