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the second part of the PSP CTF themes collection. notice that the CTF plugin is required to be installed, if you want to know how to install CTF PSP themes you can look right below.
GTA 4 CTF theme one of the biggest game franchises is back with a new episode: GTA4 is again a great hit!
Retro Pixel Retro pixel is a pretty simple PSP theme, all menus are squized together in the middle of the screen and only exist out of white and black pixels.
MotoGP CTF this PSP CTF Moto GP theme has pretty original menus, each menu has its own branded motorcycle, so whenever you switch to an other menu the motorcycle on the screen will switch
Sidedock remix in this remix of the original sidedock theme you will see mysterious bright lights on your screen.
Crysis CTF one of the most exclusive games up untill now, crysis, is now also available as a customized Crysis PSP theme

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